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The new product conference of Glare-LED Illegal whistle monitoring screen in 2018 was held successfully

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On the afternoon of April 13th ,the new product conference of Illegal whistle monitoring screen of Shenzhen Glare-LED Optoelectronic  company in 2018  was held successfully!


The Illegal whistle monitoring screen is independently developed and designed by Glare-LED. It uses Glare-LED GT Smart Card software, and has a high-definition camera. It can instantly transmit license plate information to cloud servers via the Internet.The synchronous controller outputs the signal to the LED lattice screen and the digital tube, thus realizing the powerful function of "high-speed capture+ remote management +synchronous display" network data transmission .

Unlike ordinary monitoring screens, Glare-LED's new Illegal whistle monitoring screens are easier to manage, smarter to run, and more powerful to store data.Through the real-time operating system, the remote management of the product can be realized, and the storage based on the cloud data and the instant transmission of the Internet greatly revolutionize the original hard disk storage and wired transmission mode.


The release of the new products of the Illegal whistle monitoring screens will penetrate the intelligent elements into the field of LED traffic application, from the series of product design and equipment development to the provision of system integration and solution, which fully reflects the strength of research and development and factory advantages of Glare-LED!

Innovation-driven, leading development, Glare-LED will adhere to the intelligent display, energy-saving display development purposes, and the company will move forward in the field of LED traffic and outdoor display!


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