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Glare-led LCD control traffic ETC information guidance LED Display New product Conference

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On the afternoon of April 26th, the new product conference of LCD control traffic ETC information guidance led screen of Shenzhen Glare-LED Co., Ltd in 2018  was held successfully ,Glare-led sales, research and development department, planning department witnessed this exciting moment together.


Glare-led  GL Smart Card provides a powerful hardware guarantee for this ETC traffic information guidance led screen. Equipped with ARM 120MHz core, low power consumption and low latency; support USB communication and U disk; equipped with LCD wireless remote controller; use Tri-color 50PIN expansion interface; equipped with large-capacity 4M FLASH; support Tri-color 24-bit grayscale bmp picture.


In addition, the traffic ETC information guidance  LED Signs uses the independent development software of Glareled, which has the features of convenient management, rich program, display compatibility, wireless remote control and so on. With real-time operating system and flexible and effective software management, it can realize low delay and complex software requirements. It can update management program by USB and U disk. With rich LED screen interface, It can also realize two independent systems or mixed systems of LED dot matrix screen and digital tube.Using the wireless LCD remote control digital button, you can quickly change the program, easy to manage the display content.


In April 2018, after the release of the Illegal whistle monitoring LED Display, Glare-led has ushered in a new listing of LCD control ETC traffic  information guidance LED Display. The move means that Glare-led has added new work to LED traffic applications filed, offering unlimited possibilities for intelligent applications of the transportation ETC project.


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