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Glare-LED First quarter birthday party

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31, March , a birthday party for employees in the first quarter of the years were be held in Glare-led company’s meeting room. More than 20 birthdays were invited to this special birthday party and enjoy the happy time together.


With the developing and innovation of E/ES series outdoor energy saving led display&P8 outdoor frontside maintenance led modules and P20 LED Traffic optical lens led display is popular on the market, Glare-led have a new milestone of the  history development  in the warm spring time.


The Sprite give off a youthful vigor, and the apple pear overflow the sweetness of life;  the music moves out all the negative emotions and the cake lightens the beacon of struggle. At this moment, please let ‘s Salute our company and also salute who were working hard.


In that happy time ,the best funny thing should be sing songs , a song named 《Wang fei》 breaking through the night and lingering in this spring, That the relaxing time , all of us enjoy the melodious sound of music,Just cheering !!!

Working attentively and happily, Glare-led company explains the new connotations in the field of electronics. Do something different yourself, light the world, and add a common beauty to the world.


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